The 5 Things We Do to Escape Tech Overload

The 5 Things We Do to Escape Tech Overload

Eric Chen
Sep 29, 2011

After staring intensely at the computer screen for hours waiting for Amazon to announce their new Kindles, we have to admit, we're feeling a little burnt out today. Usually, here at Unplggd, we take a tech day off at least once a week. Read on to find out how we avoid technology overload and what we do on our tech days off...

1. Go outdoors. We love hiking, going to the beach and just enjoy the company of being around people. Most of the time we're holed up in our homes, hammering out posts for our fine readers, and it is nice to see people once in a while... Live in the city? Go for a jog around the park. Take advantage of whatever Summer that's left and head outdoors before it's too cold/wet to do so!

2. Read a book. If you're like us, you probably have a backlog of books that are sitting on the shelf just waiting to be opened. Take the day off to read an actual book, on something that doesn't shine a bright light into your face. Be warned, that light shining in your face is probably wrecking your sleep schedule, making you more tired throughout the day. We're going to give a slide to the e-ink crowd out there, but be sure to resist the urge to use that built-in web browser.

3. Meet up with your friends IRL. Admit it, besides a limited amount of close friends, most of your social interaction happens on Facebook. Take your day off to meet up with some of these Facebook friends, and meet them face-to-face, just like old times. Don't let technology be the end of those valuable relationships.

4. Plan a family game night. Sure, the TV is great for keeping the kids quiet for a long period of time, but its health effects can be dangerous for the whole family. Use your tech free days to rediscover and share those board games you loved as kids. But we'd stay away from the new electronic board game, and go old school instead. After all, isn't the whole point of Monopoly to try to make math a bit more fun?

5. Stay creative: draw, sketch, write. See those long things sticking out of that cup on your desk? Those things are called pens (or maybe pencils), we use those to make marks on white things called paper. Technology has made being creative a more frigid and automated task, break the mold and try creating without the restraints of a mouse or a keyboard. Check out the video above to find out some ways you can stay creative.

How do you spend your tech days off? Let us know in the comments below!

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