5 Things To Help Keep The Home Office Blues Away

5 Things To Help Keep The Home Office Blues Away

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 23, 2010

092310-office.jpg Each day we sit down at our desk and begin work. We're one of the lucky few that can work in our pajamas, but even though working from home comes with certain privileges the cold hard truth is that, well, home offices are kind of lonely.

1. Pets & Plants: Even if your cat keeps jumping on your lap or your dog has brought you the entire toy box worth of toys, if you're home alone in the same room for multiple hours during the day, having a pet around can be a huge help. Although they aren't as vocal or needy, plants can convey a since of life on an unspoken level. Pick something that blooms and changes throughout the year and requires care for extra interaction.

2. Please Don't Stop The Music: Know what's better than singing in the shower? Singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite albums when no one else is around. Sure Fido might judge you, but aside from that or an extra snoopy mail man, music can go a long way to making a space feel a little more warm and personable. If you have a hard time working when the tunes are rocking, try something classical that still has lows and highs without yelling, "Pour some sugar on meeeee!"

3. Say Cheese!: Although art isn't uncommon or a small photo of your significant other, try enlarging family photos or ones from your youth. The bigger the better, bring in the memories, surround yourself with people... even if they resemble Flat Stanley.

4. Let There Be Light!: Try to get in 3 light sources into your room. An overhead, a desk lamp and potentially a floor or table lamp. Having a soothing glow is often comforting and helps you feel all wrapped up in the emotion. What? Too emo? Seriously, it's true!

5. Chat Without Killing Production: Most of the people we interact with on a daily basis aren't in our office. Does that mean we're lonely? Of course not! In between writings and photo editings, we stop and take a break and chat with fellow collegues and friends about life, love and the ongoings of the day. There might be a little gossip in there as well, but trying to keep lines of communication open is a good thing. Try to keep things to 10 minutes or less so you can stay on track... without going bonkers!

Do you work from home or spend long nights in your home office? What helps you keep things personal, lively and less than lonely? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member Rowland licensed for use by Creative Commons

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