5 Uses for Wallpaper — Other Than Walls

Wallpaper is everywhere lately and even though it looks great on the walls, there are those that might not have the budget for such a large purchase. Although prices have come down, we still like the idea of buying one roll of a pattern you adore and making a big splash in smaller ways — here’s 5 of them!

1. The Back of Shelving & Bookcases: Although it’s simple to paint the backs of bookcases, sometimes you’re looking for a little more zing. Try papering the backerboard to a bookcase before attaching it — or try papering small panels that can be inserted into the back of a built in. That way you can remove them easily to change it out.

2. The Bottom of Shelves: Remember this post? We still love the idea, especially if you have tall ceilings or enter a room from a lower set of stairs. It’s a little something extra that’s truly unexpected.

3. Furniture: There are multiple pieces that will take wallpaper — for instance the sides of a dresser or the fronts of the drawers. Try the side of a bookcase or the top of a side table — even the top of a bench!

4. Lampshades: You can try wallpaper on the inside or the outside of a drum shade for a pendant light. Custom shades cost a pretty penny and this way you can make your own for less. Tabletop lamps work too, but for the most impact, stick to those that hang (so you see more of it).

5. Doorways: Even if you don’t think you could handle a bright bold wall of wallpaper, try it on a smaller scale in a doorway (one without an actual door if possible). The color is a fun transition from room to room and can be an easy way to dress up a small space with a big punch of pattern, color, or both!

Have you used wallpaper in places other than the walls? Let us know your ideas or share a link in the comments below!