5 Things to Take Away from Any DIY Project Post (Even If You Don't Love It)

5 Things to Take Away from Any DIY Project Post (Even If You Don't Love It)

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 7, 2012

There's no denying the pop and sizzle of a before and after makeover post. It's always fun to see the reveal and they can be great motivators to get something done around your own home. That said, there are some project posts that gather more comments that fizzle instead of sizzle. Here are 5 things to take away from any makeover without being a Negative Nancy.

We've all seen our share of comments that don't really contribute much. The spray painted carpet above is one I did myself and the comments attached are real. Can you imagine how the world might be a better place if inspiration was left in their place instead?

To help us all learn to take away something unexpected from a project, even if it's not your style, here are 5 ideas to look for (if you're not one to simply scroll on by) to help you stay on the sunny side of life.

1. Technique: Even if you really are not digging the fabric or color choices used in a project, you can still draw from the technique of how it was done. Some of the best diy projects are done in new and unusual ways, utilizing hardware and unusual items we never would have known about otherwise.

2. Time and Money: When planning DIY projects there are two things that often hold us back. Time and its beloved counterpart, money. Even if you're not feeling the project in the post at hand, you can still get a handle on materials, cost and the time it took to complete something. You can then purchase your own materials that are to your liking and translate it project that you can plan for fully - you'll know if you'll need a weekend or a whole season to do it yourself.

3. Resources: Not sure where to get that thing-a-majig? What about that, you know, do-hickey? Ask in the comments if it's not included the post. Finding out secret resources (sometimes in your own town) and online shops for specialty items is a great way to start your own project brainstorming.

4. The Impact It Makes on a Space: So, someone painted a chair bright purple and that specific color reminds you of weddings — gross ones. Forget about your dislikes and focus on the impact that the color and the piece in question made in the space. Did the high gloss top coat make other things stand out? Did a fresh color make the rug look different? These small lessons learned are great to keep in mind when thinking about your own ideas.

5. The Art of Sharing a Finished Product: Are you a project starter, but not big on finishing? It doesn't really matter if you wholly like a project someone else has done, maybe they don't like certain aspects of it either. A finished project, however, is a thing of beauty even if it's still a little rough around the edges and not completed in a style to your liking. Most folks on the internet share things out of the kindness of their heart and I will always support that, even if the only way I can do that is with silence.

My world has been changed by the internet and the projects, inspiration and quick access to ideas that I find there, along with the challenges within the world of home decor and design. Sometimes it's nice to take a moment and applaud things and remember that even less-than-perfect ideas or transformations can be inspirational and worthy of reflection.

Image: Sarah Rae

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