5 Things We Imagine the iPad Would Be Great At

5 Things We Imagine the iPad Would Be Great At

Anthony Nguyen
Jan 29, 2010

Aside from the already marketed "e-Reader of the decade" and incredibly boring (but functional) iWork suite presented by Apple, we've come up with a few clever ways the iPad can actually be of good use in our future homes...

Wouldn't it be great if you could use the iPad as a...

  1. Cookbook. Okay, yeah.. this falls into e-Book category probably, but still! Having a deliciously vibrant screen illuminate the professional shot photos of scrumptious recipes has been a dream of ours for quite some time.
  2. Wacom tablet replacement. If there's one thing the iPad could possibly replace, it would be the huge sketching tablets many of us have eating up room on our desks. Sure, it may not be as accurate and have a few issues interfacing with another computer, but it sure would be nice to have a wireless tablet to sketch on that doubles as a huge touch-pad.
  3. Casual chat client. Well, there's one trend out there we definitely cannot ignore; the ubiquity of text messaging these days. Everyone seems to be texting more and more and in many ways, the act of receiving texts on our phones has tied us to an instant stream of immediate information right into our pockets. Personally, we find this nerve-wracking and would prefer to loosen the knot to my phone by having their messages arrive on an iPad. Plus, we imagine this is where a video camera 3rd-party accessory would kick in for anywhere-video conferencing.
  4. Social board games. We've tried all played board games before. They've been playing them for centuries. But scaling them up to a reasonable resolution (and we don't mean just doubling of pixels on iPhone applications) would allow for a much more vibrant and fun experience for all users. Throw in multi-touch? Now, this could get interesting..
  5. Universal Remote. This one's a no-brainer. With so much screen estate and gesture space, we imagine the iPad would blow the Logitech Harmony® 1100 Advanced Universal Remote completely out of the water as a universal controller for everything in the home. Lights. Home Theater. Action!

Have a clever iPad app idea that you think might work for the home? Let us know in the comments!

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