5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Indoors Suck Less When It's Hot Outside

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Indoors Suck Less When It's Hot Outside

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 19, 2015
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When the temperature outside is off-the-charts, you might not think that much effort is needed to enjoy your home's interiors; anything's nicer than being outside where it's hotter than the surface of the sun, right? But there are five important elements to consider and include in your home's interiors that will make surviving the long summer months much more enjoyable — and make living in your home all year round a much more pleasant experience.

1. Make sure your home is cooled efficiently

This is, perhaps, the most vital home issue that has to be tackled when the heat arrives where you live. It's true, even an inefficiently cooled home will be a welcome respite from outdoors, but why live in an inefficiently cooled home when you can live in one that's maintained, upgraded and the coolest it can possibly be (without breaking the bank with costly monthly bills)?

The key is to walk around your home and identify the elements that need improving that will have an impact on making your home cooler. From spots where cool air might be leaking out, to fans and air conditioning units that need maintenance and repair to smaller but powerful things like using the right kind of window treatments to block sunlight at key hot times. Even if you've already done this keep-home-cool tour already this summer, don't just do it once; continuously check in your home to keep it being its coolest.

2. Keep the bugs out

Bugs can be a downer any time of year, but when the weather's really hot and you just know they're out there waiting to find a way into your home and crawl on your face while you're sleeping, it's even worse. The time to tackle bugs is before you see any, so whether you've already had visitors or are starting in before any sightings, you want to work on closing up as many ways in as you can (caulking holes, installing door sweeps to doors, fixing screens), you want to keep your home clean all over (but most especially stay on top of food storage and trash disposal), and you want to employ any bug deterring methods that work for your lifestyle (from dousing your place in chemicals to using more natural methods).

3. Use the right kind of bedding

Even if you've made your home the coolest it can be, sometimes things can get a little too warm at night, especially if you're using the wrong kind of bedding. If you just use the same types of sheets and covers that you always do all year round, you're really missing out on an opportunity to improve your sleep space in the summer. You can invest in sheets made of materials that breathe easier and make your bed feel more airy and comfortable. You could go for pillows that actively help keep your allergies down. You could trade a heavy comforter or duvet for something lighter (though still as stylish).

4. Carve out a place for hobbies

There are going to be days when the weather outside is storming frightfully or just too darn hot for you to want to go anywhere or do anything. To banish boredom and avoid staying in front of a screen all summer, you want to actively make it easier for you to indulge in hobbies and find alternative fun. You want to clean out or carve out an area for crafting and getting creative.

5. Make your main living area feel airier

The walls can feel like they're closing in when you've spent a lot of time in your home. Staring at the same furniture and art, it can make even large homes feel so small and already small homes feel downright minuscule. Unlike in the winter when you want to fill your home and wrap your rooms with as many cozy things as possible, don't ignore the need for the opposite when warm weather hits. Instead of filling your rooms with cozy blankets and textured throw pillows, look to unload your main rooms of things that can make it cluttered and claustrophobic. Apply design tricks that will make your living room feel airier and lighter. It'll make your whole home feel like a refreshing retreat instead of a stuffy prison.


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