5 Things You Can Freeze to Save Money

5 Things You Can Freeze to Save Money

Trent Johnson
Mar 18, 2010

Maxwell's post last month on How To Clean Your Jeans Without Water (In the Freezer!) was hugely popular, but jeans aren't the only thing you can stick in the freezer for to save money and resources. Here are five more ideas:

Besides the obvious (over-ripe bananas and tired looking fruit that might be good for smoothies in a few weeks), here are a few other ideas via Huffington Post's article Freezer Freaks: 5 Weird Things I Freeze To Save Money.

1. Batteries : Remember film cameras, and how the freezer extends the life of film? Keeping batteries in the freezer can also help them last longer by allowing them to retain more of their energy than at room temperature. If you store batteries, they'll slowly loose their charge. Lower temperatures decreases their rate of discharge, allowing you to have more energy for later. While this works best for NiMH and Nicad batteries, it will also prolong the life of alkaline batteries, just not as well. Note: You should let them warm-up before using, however, because batteries actually don't last as long when cold.

2. Candles: Wax candles burn longer after having been frozen.

3. Leftover Wine: Having problems finishing that bottle of wine? I know I often do. The solution: pour your leftover wine into ice-cube trays before it goes bad and use it in spaghetti sauce or other stock when cooking.

4. Pantyhose: I really can't attest to this one, but the Huffington Post reports that keeping pantyhose in the freezer results in less runs and increases their usable life. Similar to freezing jeans, it probably keeps them cleaner, too! Sounds weird, we agree.

5. Wooden Voodoo Mask: This one's a bit out of left field but there is a lesson to be learned regarding foreign wood products and woodworms. If you have an item that you suspect contains woodworms (diagnosed by visible pinholes), stick it in the freezer for a couple weeks to kill the worms and their eggs.

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