5 Things You Should Do in Every Rental (That Won't Feel Like a Waste of Money or Energy)

5 Things You Should Do in Every Rental (That Won't Feel Like a Waste of Money or Energy)

Adrienne Breaux
Aug 28, 2015

Don't let another rental situation come and go without doing all you can to make it its best and make it yours. These five things should be done in every rental — and you won't feel like you're wasting time, energy or money!

Invest in art

You don't have to be a filthy rich modern art collector to start or continue collecting art pieces that mean a lot to you. In a rental, when you might not have a lot of control over the look of the architecture or the color paint on the walls, you can start doing this any time, and continue it into your next homes.

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Clean the grimy bits

Some rentals, especially the older ones, look a lot dirtier than they are because they've just been surface cleaned for years on end, not deep cleaned. We're thinking specifically of the room-transforming abilities of cleaning or redoing old grout, floors and even walls, particularly. But just because something doesn't seem to come clean after a few swipes doesn't mean you should give up and decide that's the best it's going to look. Investigate the material and see what tricks the Internet has figured out to help you really clean something in your rental.

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Pay attention to the window treatments

It's not just that window treatments are a big area to express your personality in. It's not just that they can be DIYed pretty well — it's that window treatments also serve a huge set of functions, as well. Along with blocking sunlight when you don't want it pouring into your room, good drapes and curtains also block drafts, keep rooms cooler, add needed privacy and more. If you buy or DIY curtain panels, consider buying or making a few extra in case your next home has more windows than your current one.

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Consider splurging on a piece of furniture that will fit the space

When you know you're going to be moving from home to home, it's hard (and not that smart) to buy furniture specifically for the current rental you're living in. Chances are you might not have the same spatial needs in the next home. But, incorporating furniture — whether a particularly small size to squeeze in to add extra storage to a small kitchen or something thin to fit snugly in a narrow entryway — can make a space that was sort of useful, ultra useful. Only you can determine your home's needs and whether it's worth spending money on (in case you can't use it again in another home).

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Change out the small details

It doesn't take a lot of money, or time, to switch out undesirable design details like faucets, showerheads, knobs, pulls, even lighting and more. Replacing them with your own personal design detail touches can change the whole feel of a room. You can take them with you when you move, or you can leave them for the next tenant if your landlord allows it and you don't mind.

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