5 Things You Should Never Bring as a Hostess Gift

5 Things You Should Never Bring as a Hostess Gift

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 16, 2011

We touched based earlier on 10 good gifts that anyone might be able to receive as a host or hostess gift, especially if you're not super familiar with their likes and dislikes. Today we're talking about 5 things that you should never, ever bring. Some might be more sarcastic than others, but we're pretty sure you'll find merit in all of them!

1. Anything Alive: Yes, plants are alive and we're considering them ok to bring, but please don't pick them up a beta fish or live butterfly. That was only cool when they did it in Bridemaids.

2. Anything with a Size: Guessing people's clothing sizes is a tricky game, sure there's leeway if you don't really know them, but even when it comes to things like slippers or gloves this can get complicated (even if they're super cool and handmade).

3. Anything with an Expiration Date: That's less than 2 months anyway. For the most part, many adults will have fully booked holiday weekends. If they aren't at a party or get together, chances are they're shopping or putting their feet up. Movie tickets are nice, but if they expire inside a month, they might not be able to use them.

4. ReGifted Material: There's a good chance that what you have received previously as a gift felt a little impersonal or was too strong (ie: stinky candle, weird olive oil) for your senses. It will feel just as lame to someone else. The only exception is if it's cool, but you already own it. Then by all means, give away!

5. Food You Have Not Personally Eaten: There's nothing wrong with gifting food, but if you haven't eaten it or tried it personally, you have no way of knowing if you're actually giving a good gift. Chocolate might seem universal, but they all differ. So pick yourself up some and give it a try before you force it upon others!

Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell us what and why in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member úlfhams_víkingur licensed for use by Creative Commons

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