5 Times You Shouldn't Try to DIY

5 Times You Shouldn't Try to DIY

Jennifer Hunter
Apr 12, 2015

Obviously we love to DIY whenever we can, but there are times when it is just not so smart. If you're facing these five situations, there's absolutely no shame in deciding NOT to DIY.

Reupholstery (unless you're an expert)

We know, we know, upholstery projects can seem seductively transformative in photos, but unless you can tell me right now what welting is, maybe you should think twice. There's nothing that says you must do every part of a DIY yourself. Sometimes it's enough to find a treasure, pick out new fabric and leave the hard work to someone else.

A major rescue

There are DIY projects and then there are PROJECTS. If your particular endeavor is too overwhelming or you uncover more that needs doing as you go, don't blindly push forward. Consider how to get help or change your plan of attack before it's too late (for your DIY AND your sanity).

It's an heirloom

If you're emotionally attached to an item, please think carefully before scraping, painting, chopping or staining it. Yes, you have grand visions of making your Grandma's vintage buffet work in your modern home, but think of how devastated you'd be if something were to go wrong. If you want a change or a repair, find someone with plenty of experience in that era. If really don't want to take it to a pro, try doing nothing at all. You can always find a way to style your piece as is or make it the stand-out vintage element in an otherwise modern space. One day, you (and your children and grandchildren) will no doubt be glad to have preserved it.

It's just not worth saving

Just because something comes from the past, doesn't mean it's automatically a valuable treasure that you should spend your time and energy redoing. They made sub-par, bad quality furniture in the past, too. Do your research, make sure that under the grim is a gem, not a dud.

You don't want to

Look, not everyone is cut out for DIY and that's fine. While everyone else is bragging about how they refinished a dresser in a weekend, you can talk about how you did all your errands and still had a chance to fit in a trip to the gym and a movie night. Who's jealous now?

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