5 Tiny Tweaks to Keep Your Bedroom Closet Organized

published Sep 10, 2012
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A newly reorganized closet is a sight to behold. You’ve cleared the clutter, your belongings look great, and you can check another chore off the list. If you’re like me, however, this feeling lasts a shockingly short time before the clutter creeps back. I just re-cleaned a closet I organized only a few months ago, and I’m determined to keep it nice with this list of easy tips.

We’ve written plenty of posts on smart organization strategies, affordable shelving systems, and inspirational closets. The tips in this post are just small things to do to keep the space organized in the long run. I’ll admit that it’s based on my own shortcomings — please feel free to add your own tips below.

  1. Put things back exactly where they belong. This tip may be obvious, but I can get lazy about particulars when putting things away. For example, I’ll cram my purses haphazardly on their shelf, or throw my shoes on the floor beneath their organizer. If I took an extra two seconds to store things properly, the whole closet would look neater.
  2. Take wire hangers back to the dry cleaners. I have Huggable Hangers, but once I transfer my clothes to them, the wire hangers from the cleaners often grow into an unwieldy pile. I’m going to put them in a designated bag and return them whenever I go to the cleaners.
  3. Clean the floor monthly. You may need only a broom or handvac, but cleaning the floor means finding the floor. It will keep you honest.
  4. If it isn’t working, fix it. If you hung scarves on hooks and they keep falling off, or you can’t reach the shelf with your jeans, fix it now. Otherwise, it will just keep irritating you. You’ll also be less likely to store things there (instead of in a heap elsewhere).
  5. A brief seasonal assessment. Don’t wait to do a major clean-out once a year — instead, assess your closet at the end of every season. There’s likely a few things that can go in the giveaway pile.

– Re-edited from a post originally published 9.1o.2012 – CM