5 Tips for Kitchen Displays

5 Tips for Kitchen Displays

Laure Joliet
Mar 15, 2010

We have a couple of glass cabinets in our kitchen which give us the opportunity to display some of the things we use most often. And because it is the kitchen and space is always at a premium, we can't just make it decorative, it must be practical too. Here are some of the rules we follow when putting together a display.

Yes, this is one of the glass cabinets and as you can see it holds all of our drinking glasses (for adults and kids), my favorite cake stands and some of my cook books. It's my favorite cabinet and every time I come downstairs and see it so orderly I smile. You might have a different collection or dilemna, but these rules are tried and true (just ask any merchandiser in a store). If you have other tricks, leave them in the comments!

Group Like Things Together. This is where the practical merges with the decorative. Arrange your collection of cake stands, drinking glasses, or cookbooks together. They're prettier that way and you know where they all are when you need them.
Remember the triangle. A while back one of our favorite bloggers chez larsson blogged about the art of the display and talked about the importance of the triangle in creating a pleasing display. And don't forget to group things in odd numbers: it's more visually pleasing than even groupings.
Rows. When in doubt, create a row of something. It groups the items for the eye and simplifies the lines keeping it looking less cluttered.
Empty Space. If you can, create empty space. In this cabinet, the wine glasses become almost invisible helping create some negative space for the eye to rest.
Create a Palette. Choose colors for your kitchen and in your displays try to stick to them. Repetition ties a room together.

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