5 Tips To Ease the Home Office Move

5 Tips To Ease the Home Office Move

Taryn Williford
Aug 5, 2010

We're willing to bet that more than a few Unplggd readers work from home. Balancing a beautiful home and a functional office space is a tough challenge—one that we're trying to help you with every day. Yep, even on moving day. When you move homes, your work has to move along with it, and it can be tough to stay on top of tasks.

Susan Johnston at Work Awesome struggled with moving her home and her home office this summer. Luckily for you, she's willing to share what she's learned:

Plan and Pack Early!
Don't schedule any important deadlines near your move date and get all of your work done early. Treat your moving day (or week!) as you would a vacation from a 9-to-5 job, making sure all of your tasks are done early or delegated out. You'll also want to plan ahead with your internet provider to make sure that you won't have any internet downtime. For more tips about how to pack tech, remember to check out 5 Practical Packing Tips for the Tech Lover.

Inform Others of Change of Address Before You Move
If you do a lot of mail correspondence with customers or clients, it's important to keep them informed of your move. But to be safe, forward your mail with the USPS before your move (or get a P.O. Box for the transition period, to be completely safe). Give clients your cell phone number if you're changing business phone lines.

Clean Out Those Drawers!
Take the opportunity to rid your office of outdated paperwork and equipment. Susan Johnston was able to sell a bunch of older stuff on Craigslist to afford a newer, nicer home office. An opportune time to practice those 4 easy steps to declutter your desk, so your new setup is superior to the last one.

Label Office Essentials Carefully
If your home office is your livelihood, you're going to need to be extra diligent about packing and labeling boxes. You don't want your computer mouse to be packed with the kitchen towels. This is where a label maker might come in handy!

Categorize and Pack According to Use
Know what you need to get up and running, then make sure those things are packed together and easily accessible. You might be sitting on the floor, but if all you need to work is a laptop and your planner, make those items an unpacking priority.

Via Work Awesome

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