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Keeping Your Bathroom “Company Clean” In 5 Minutes A Day

updated May 6, 2019
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Bathroom cleaning is always extra sucky because of all the products, lotions, potions— and even stubborn toothpaste spittle— that seems to never end. There’s toilets to clean, nooks and crannies to get to, and soap scum— ugh, don’t get us started. Forget all your worries, because these tips will have your bathroom clean in just 5 minutes or five 60 second intervals throughout your day. Fabulous!

The idea of dragging in a mop and bucket and spending 30 minutes on your hands and knees scrubbing tile is appealing to almost no one. Instead, take care of one of the most well-used rooms in the house in small intervals throughout your day.

If you happen to have children old enough to help, give them a single task to do to help out and make it all that much quicker! Check out the tips below and see if you can’t put them to use in your own home today.

1. Do Something While You Brush Your Teeth:

It only takes one hand to brush your teeth, so tidy and straighten as you brush those pearly whites. Grab dirty clothes and toss them in the hamper, straighten makeup that was left out, or simply note what surfaces need to be wiped down.

2. Nothing Should Take More Than 60 Seconds:

It doesn’t matter what size bathroom you have, how many people use it, or how dirty it is. When the basics of bathroom cleaning are done every single day, they can be done in a single minute of time.

3. Make Cleaning Easy:

You might use commercial cleaners or homemade, but no matter what, you shouldn’t have to fight with them. If single use cleaning wipes allow you to get the job done in record time, use them. Is your broom frayed and not quite getting all the dirt from under the counter? Replace it! The bathroom is a small enough space that, if you can house all your cleansers right there, you’re more likely to take 60 seconds and wipe something down than if you have to remember to trudge into the kitchen to get a spray bottle and towel. Doing small things like spraying your shower down with vinegar can put off scrubbing of walls until much later.

4. Clear The Clutter:

The key to keeping any home, big or small, clean in record time is keeping the clutter trimmed down. Yes that little collection of glass bottles is pretty, but they collect dust like crazy. If you can eliminate it, do. It’s one less thing to move to clean counters and wipe clear of toothpaste.

5. Clean Something Every Time You Go Potty:

(because potty is a funny word) 60 seconds isn’t long, but you can put it off if you don’t work it into the times you’re already in the bathroom. Use the seconds after you’ve washed your hands to tackle an item and be on your merry way, then you don’t even have to program yourself to come back in.

These tips, in conjunction with the basics of bathroom cleaning (wiping down toilet, wiping down sink and counters, wiping down mirror, sweeping floor, shower maintenance), can all be tackled with lightning speed. Just tell yourself you can do it instead of saying it won’t work for you. You’ll be amazed at how much things sparkle a week or two down the line.

Re-edited from a post originally published 1.20.12 – AB