5 Tips to Ease a Home Office Renovation

5 Tips to Ease a Home Office Renovation

Joelle Alcaidinho
Aug 20, 2010

Although the results of renovating are well worth it, it can be tough to live and work in the space that is currently undergoing renovation. We admit that on most days our home office resembles controlled chaos and it is because of this that we fear what it will be like during the renovation process. We imagine it will be much less control and much more chaos, so in an effort to save our sanity we have looked at tips to help ease a home office renovation.

While thinking of ways to help make the renovation easier we turned to friends and our archives to come up with these 5 tips:

  • Make a List: Although it sounds silly, spend some time to think about which parts of your home office you use on a daily basis and which you can pack away and keep in stasis during the renovation.
  • Backup, Backup!: Make sure all of your data is backed up. We sadly have lost a few external hard drives due to unexpected power loss while they were writing data.
  • Take a picture: If you need to disassemble any tech setups during the renovation, snap a few photos. These will help make assembling them again post renovation, much much easier.
  • Label Office Essentials Carefully: It is no joke scrambling through boxes trying to locate which one you stored the office stuff that you did not think you would need during the renovation!
  • Bag it and Tag it: After looking at the amount of dust generated from a renovation, we all too easily understood the importance of bagging items. Of course this should not be done to items that are powered on, but for delicate cables, cameras, and other small electronics you don't want to get caked in dust, consider enclosing them in resealable plastic bag. This is great for small cables and makes for easy labeling with a permanent marker.

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(Image: Flickr user Asbjørn Floden under license from Creative Commons.)

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