5 Tips To Finishing A Summer House On A Budget

5 Tips To Finishing A Summer House On A Budget

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 7, 2010

Although many are doing good to have a house, let alone a summer house (which is the category we fall into) others have been blessed with inherited property or the ability to afford such luxuries. No matter if you own it or if you're renting one for the summer and want to add some personal touches, outfitting the space doesn't have to cost you a fortune. Here's 5 ways to score your decor for less!

1.K.I.S.S.: Which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Although the phrase can feel slightly offensive, remember that your summer home is usually in a location that is surrounded by nature of close proximity to things you want to enjoy. You don't need to pack the place full of stuff just to make it feel homey, enjoy the roomy-openness that the process of not filling every nook and cranny brings you. Look for larger items that give you more bang for your buck that will feel like art instead of clutter.

2. Repurpose Repaint & Refinish: Although it's tempting to tear open those catalogs and start shopping away for summer home finds, try keeping things local and giving used items a makeover instead. They'll have 100 times more personality, will keep your eco-footprint more green and give you the most bang for your buck!

3. Use What You Have: Even though the point of a vacation home is to leave everything else behind, there's no real reason to buy separate sheets when you already own a set for your other home. Yes, you'll have to take them with you, but it does mean you can keep your spending down and reserved for other items that can't be toted back and forth with you.

4. Garage Sales: Doing the garage sale thing can be tricky. You spend loads of time digging through other people's stuff and although you can often find some things at a steal, you'll want to check the paper or even Craigslist for big ticket items before heading out. Although there's the opportunity to find a diamond in the rough, if you know you're specifically after a dining room set, driving around hoping to come across one seems silly. Make sure to attend sales in the area of your summer home to help give it the feel of the area, instead of the one you're trying to leave behind for the time being!

5. Auctions: If you're a long time reader, you'll know that we're a big supporter of location auctioneers. Although there's a note of sadness in an auction, you're able to score AMAZING finds at rock bottom prices. Head to an auction prepared to do battle, put your game face on and know when to call it quits on bidding. Some collectors and antique dealers think the sky is the limit, just remember, there will always be another one next week, or even tomorrow!

Do you have a thrifty tip for furnishing a double space? Let us know below!

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