5 Tips To Hosting A Virtual Plant Swap

5 Tips To Hosting A Virtual Plant Swap

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 3, 2011

My neighbors and I have been busy swapping plants this season as most of us started our gardens from seed. If you're like us, but don't have the friendliest of folk in your area, try posting an ad and have a plant swap party! Here are a few tips to score what you want:

I recently ran across this ad on my local Craigslist and it reminded me that not everyone's neighbors are as awesome as mine. Here are a few ideas to help you through the process of getting something similar started:

1. Have Something To Offer: Folks are more willing to share with those who seem to have something they could benefit from. If you just have extra tomatoes that's fine, but include in your ad how juicy they are or talk about their firm texture. Make them know they're missing out!

2. Don't Sound Scary: Showing up at someone's home to dig up plants can either be a breeze or a painful process. You never know if they will have things prepped for pick up or if you'll be spending the next several hours digging in the dirt when you could have been chillin' by the pool. Make it clear that you're ready to go and have boxes/bags/supplies to make the transition an easy one.

3. Extra Supplies: If you're short on plants, but full up on planters, soil, compost, and the like, go ahead and swap that too. Some folks might be looking for exactly that and might have plants to trade but would really benefit from your soil!

4. Get The Old Ladies Involved: Talking about age is a slippery slope, but one thing is for sure, the older the folk, the more plant knowledge and curated gardens they have up their sleeve. Try inviting Grandparents or friend's relatives to help out and share in the experience.

5. Stick To House Plants: If you're not partaking in the growing season as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, there's no reason you should miss out. Instead, just stick to house plants, but make sure to be diligent about taking cuttings to have something to offer. Keep them healthy and happy and don't forget to include photos in your ad online!

Do you have any more tips to add to the pile? Sound off in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member srboisvert licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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