5 Tips for Setting Up Home Without Spending A Dime

5 Tips for Setting Up Home Without Spending A Dime

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 6, 2010

Moving can be a taxing time on your pocketbook. You're paying deposits, rent, last month's rent, pet fees, buying all new groceries — the works. Instead of assuming you'll have to budget for new home goods as well, try out these 5 tips to making the transition a little smoother and debt free!

1. Craigslist: It's the first place many turn to, but instead of finding inexpensive goods to outfit your space, try bartering or consistently checking the free section. We've found countless goods this way and although some might call us obsessed, we simply add the rss feed for that page to our Google Readers and even check it while we're on the go.

2. Bulk Item Pick Up Day: There is absolutely zero shame in dumpster diving or cruising the curbs. Most cities and suburbs will list on their websites which days are bulk item pick up days. Believe it or not there's still those who would rather just leave it out for trash instead of making a few bucks selling things on Craigslist. We've found everything from rolling tool chests to patio tables and giant room sized rugs. Seriously, if you know which neighborhoods put out the goods, it can be like Christmas!

3. Sell Things Off: Obviously we'd suggest ditching the items you don't want in your new space before you move (so you don't have to lug them up your new 5 flight walk up), but that doesn't mean you can't use the cash you make to pick up an accessory or two.

4. Accept Donations From Friends: Asking for help is always an option and although it might be weird to make a house warming invitation that has a list of things you still need, it can work quite well. People always want to get you something you need for your new space and if they know a coffee table tops that list (and you have super cool friends) you'll probably end up with exactly what you need!

5. Be Happy With What You Have: Although it can be rough, there's many items in your home that can be repurposed to be given new life. A table can become an entertainment center, a bookshelf can be a headboard and so forth. Try using items in new ways or just being ok with them as they are. If you only keep what you love, then there's no problem with that!

Do you have a penny pinching tip to share? How have you saved money on a move or a new place? Share your story below!

Image: Sarahrae Trover

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