5 Tips for the Organizationally Challenged

5 Tips for the Organizationally Challenged

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 6, 2011

For many years I was the person who saved everything. I was drowning in supplies that could be used for crafts, furniture waiting to be refinished and heaven help me, I could never find the remote for the television — let alone my car keys. Awhile back all that changed and today I'm a better person for it.

These 5 tips can help even the most cluttered home thin out and start down the path to recovery. Check out my suggestions below:

1. Everything MUST Have A Home: Although it sounds like a simple statement, it's actually quite difficult to do. There's so many things that just get tossed in a closet, garage or storage space instead of being dealt with. And junk drawers, don't even get started on junk drawers. Making a home for every item in your possession makes you take responsibility for treasures and trash alike.

2. Clean Flat Surfaces Every Day: Every. Single. Day. Each day we have mail, packages, groceries and other purchases that come into our space. If you have kids there's homework, dinosaurs and My Little Ponies that also make an appearance. Skip a day and things can pile up!

3. Laundry Goes In Closets or In Hampers: In many homes, clothes can be the largest monster taking over your space. You might have pants in the living room, underpants in the bathroom, shirts hanging over the back of chairs or doors and in the blink of an eye all your clothes are dirty, or folded in baskets, never to be put away. Staying on top of it brings peace of mind and allows you to carry on a healthy relationship with not only the amount of clothes you own, but also which ones are truly getting worn.

4. The 12 Month Rule: If you haven't used it in 12 months, toss it out, donate it or pass it on. There might be small exceptions, but in my experience, if there's something you use less often than every 12 months, there's a good chance you can borrow it from a friend down the line. Making space is key!

5. Make a Chart: Even if you think chore charts are for 5 year olds, they can be amazing tools even for adults. Not only do they inform you of what needs to be done everyday, but they also relieve you of anxiety that you'll need to tackle everything, every day.

What one tip would you add to the list for those just starting out on a true organizational cleanse or purge of their home? What keeps yours clean and manageable? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Flickr member Mr. Thomas licensed for use by Creative Commons

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