5 Tools To Make Outdoor Cleaning Easier

5 Tools To Make Outdoor Cleaning Easier

Sarah Rae Smith
May 11, 2010

With everyone gearing up to throw an outdoor party or two, it's time to whip your exterior into shape. It doesn't have to be a huge ordeal but a few great tools go a long way to making things quick, simple and sparkling. Check out a few of our favorites and add your own, after the jump!

1. Magic Erasers: Although they seem to have lost their popularity over the last year, Magic Erasers are still a fabulous go to product for cleaning plastic outdoor furniture. It can remove a winter's worth of grime and dust with very little leg work.

2. Power Washer: Although they aren't something that everyone has the ability to own (or need), they are the easiest way to make decking, fencing and siding look sharp. They are often able to be rented from your local home improvement stores, so make sure to check before purchasing if you will only use them annually.

3. Sand Paper: For wooden planters, decking and furniture that might be stained from bird droppings, walnut stains (thank you squirrels) and more, a fine grit sand paper works wonders. Just make sure to reseal them every 1-3 years depending on the age of the piece.

4. Stiff Bristle Broom: Although it sounds highly basic, a stiff bristled broom does far more than you'd expect. Quite often we think we need the help of water pressure, chemicals and more to rid our space of the winter filth, but a good broom will amaze you ever time. To conserve space in your garage, you can obtain different strength heads and switch out the handle as your need suits.

5. Pumice Stone: Pumice stones are great at cleaning marble and concrete alike. In combination the two buff each other out, doing away with stains. Try using one on a birdfeeder, your front stoop, the curb and yard ornaments (just not the pink flamingos!)

Do you have an outdoor cleaning trick that works wonders? Found a product you swear by each year? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Mr. Clean, HartvilleTool, Carol's Daughter, DIY Tools, Home Depot )

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