5 Easy-to-Copy Traits of Successful Studios

5 Easy-to-Copy Traits of Successful Studios

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 10, 2012

If you've never lived in a studio before, you're both fortunate and unlucky. Studio living's tough but sometimes overcoming the room-less challenge is good for the design soul. Regardless of how many rooms your home is rocking right now, we noticed five traits successful studios seem to possess that you could copy for your home of any size.

A thoughtful, cohesive color palette You don't have to go all brights or stick to muted neutrals, but in such a small space, you should try to have one cohesive color palette that flows throughout your space. A good tip even if you have a few rooms to stretch in.

Clearly defined areas (even if those areas pull double duty) When you're not working with actual rooms, it helps to really make obvious your areas: living area, sleeping area, dining area, etc. Grouping furnishings so that they create these areas is one way to help. Adding a rug to pull together a few pieces is another way. Using vignettes to anchor areas is a great idea, too.

Lots of obvious personality When you don't have a lot of space you might think you need to go easy on quirky items, but we disagree. The more packed in the personality, the more fun you can have with adding silly accessories, bold art, funky patterns or whatever else floats your boat.

Furnishings that work for the individual Don't be fooled, even those in the design industry sometimes get confused about what items they actually need in their home. Like thinking a dining table is needed when you always sit around your coffee table for dinner. Or thinking you need a huge desk to stretch out across when a smaller shelf for a laptop will do. Really evaluate your needs and then shop to fill in any blanks.

No fear of packing it in Again, you might feel compelled to take a more minimalist route when you don't have much room to fit into, but don't be afraid to include what you want and squeeze in something if it's special to you. Studio spaces are usually on the smaller side but adding in all the furniture you want will help you define your areas, add personality and make for a cozy home.

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(Images: Leela Cyd Ross; Smith Schwartz; Femi; Theresa Gonzalez; Tiffany)

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