5 Unexpected Benefits to Forgoing the Air Conditioner

5 Unexpected Benefits to Forgoing the Air Conditioner

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 2, 2010

My roommate and I are both in our late twenties with decent jobs that afford us a comfortable living. And though there is nothing mechanically wrong with any of the air conditioners in our apartment, we are both in a no holds barred contest to see who can last the longest without using the A/C this summer.

Did we mention we live in Texas? We may have started the no A/C rule to save money on our monthly bills, but as mentioned, it's turned into an endurance contest, neither one of us wanting to admit to needing a cooler room. And though we've both admittedly "cheated" a few time already, we're still going strong, and we've noticed some unexpected benefits of going without artificial cooling.

1. The freakishly low energy bill That's not news; everyone knows not using the A/C can help cut down on costs, but have you ever seen just how low it gets? This last month we split a $19 energy bill!
2. Summer heat is less noticeable outside No really. When you are living in a space that's only 10 degrees cooler than the outside going out in the heat's not nearly as big of a deal.
3. Summer sounds are more noticeable Without that loud mechanical noise lulling us to sleep anymore, we get to enjoy the sounds of crickets, of the neighbors softly coming home from a night out, to a summer rain. It's pretty neat.
4. Your friends think you are tough This works best if you have friends come over and witness how they start sweating as you remain calm and (relatively) cooler because you're used to it.
5. Your place looks more attractive If your A/C is in window unit form and you can remove it, your place immediately gets a face lift.

Have you tried to forgo air conditioning in the past for some reason? Are you doing it again this season? Share how you keep it cool naturally.

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