5 Unique Ways to Use WD-40 in Your Home

5 Unique Ways to Use WD-40 in Your Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 25, 2011

wd102511.jpg WD-40? Yeah, that stuff you use to lube up your bike chain or a squeaky door hinge. You can use it for more than just the basic things. Did you know it gets crayon out of carpet or cleans up coffee stains? Check out 5 unique uses for it right this way:

Our friends over at Charles and Hudson tipped us off to this printable list of uses for WD-40 recently and some of them are great for inside your home and not just for use on hardware that it contains. Sure you can loosen window catches or stuck drawers, but what else?

1. Permanent Ink in an Unfortunate Spot?: Although we all know that permanent markers will stain, that doesn't mean we don't occasionally drop them or make a mark on something it wasn't intended for. A spray of WD-40 and a rub and things should come out. Spot test on fabrics first! (Likewise it will remove crayon from just about any surface as well!)

2. Cleans Vacuum Cleaner Dials: You mean we're supposed to clean those? A quick spray of WD-40 will lubricate the knob or dial that changes your beater bar height setting.

3. Marks on Your Floor?: You might have scuff marks on vinyl or linoleum flooring, or possibly black marks on wood floors. Just rub it on and make sure to wipe up completely and things will be shiny and new.

4. Stuck on Stickers: Do you have a stubborn sticker? Maybe on something you bought or an existing product? Just spray, let sit a few seconds and wipe off. When it comes in contact with the sticky, it then un-sticks it — so you might need to wait for the sticker back to be soaked through first.

5. Make Your Deadbolt Easier: Although often times a deadbolt that is difficult to close can be caused from an unlevel door, a quick spray of the slick stuff will let you slide and turn your key with ease. You and Bob Vila are on your own with the leveling though.

You can check out the full list of 2000 WD-40 uses pdf from their website. How do you use WD-40 in your own home?

Image: Flickr member cyren licensed for use by Creative Commons

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