5 Uses for IKEA’s Utby Table

The Utby stainless steel table at IKEA is a simple, classic design suitable for lots of uses. It’s versatile because it’s available at two heights, the legs can be purchased alone and paired with any top you like, and it has a shelving option, too. Here, we’ve pulled together a few different ways to use it from around the web:

Here is the plain old Utby at IKEA. And here’s how it’s been used as pictured in the gallery up top:

1: Kitchen shelving and work surface as in this example from IKEA.

2: Bar-height dining, via Ikea Fans

3: A breakfast bar and space divider via Channel 4.

4: A stand-up desk, via daveblog 5000

5: Workspace in a craft room at daveblog 5000 The Sunset House