5 Classic Products That Make Us Make Time

5 Classic Products That Make Us Make Time

Sarah Starkey
Apr 19, 2011

I enjoy products that multifunction as much as the next person, but sometimes I think we overcomplicate things. It's like we feel that if our appliances are performing three tasks at once we must be capable of at least six. For me, working towards a greener lifestyle and choosing fewer 'time saving' products go hand in hand. I think that's why products that force us to make time are enjoying a resurgence.

1. Windup Alarm Clock: I know, they make a racket and it does take a while to get used to them. But most of us get up before the alarm anyway. They use no electricity which aside from the obvious means no ugly cords. They're made of glass and metal, so less plastics. You do have to wind them every day but you're making time for time so it's ok.

2. Clothes Line: Not everyone enjoys laundry and I completely understand that; it's not something most people want to make time for. But it does force us to pause, take stock and be aware. Plus, no electricity, no need for a dryer and clothes smell amazing when they dry in the air.

3. Whistle Kettle: If anything is worth making time for it has to be tea, and to me, a whistling kettle means 'down tools' no excuses! You won't put it off because you're taking it off the heat anyway, you wont have to reboil it because you forgot about it and you won't boil the kettle unless you're ready to use it. Plus they're made from steel so no plastics, they're easy to clean and last forever.

4. Ice Compartment Fridges: We have just made the switch to a freezer-less fridge and I couldn't be happier. Like most 50s style fridges, modern vintage inspired fridges are shorter and have small ice compartments but no dedicated freezer space. Having no freezer means that we buy less pre-packaged foods, shop fresher, grow what we can and buy only what we know we'll eat. We have to make time for shopping so we think about what we're buying, how we'll store it and how we'll dispose of it.

5. Soap and Lather Razors: When did men stop using safety razors? My dad used to use one but it's been replaced by a bag of disposable bics. Yes, it takes time, but isn't that the point? No disposable plastic razors, no electric razors that you use one handed so you can shave while you brush your teeth in the shower. No plastic parts, no electricity required and very simple design that will last.

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