5 Essential Elements You Need for the Ultimate Outdoor Retreat

5 Essential Elements You Need for the Ultimate Outdoor Retreat

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 16, 2015

Think you need a large backyard or patio to have a little slice of outdoor living at your disposal? Not so. No matter what size of outdoor area you have to enjoy (from a small balcony, to a stoop to the only window in your apartment), all you really need are these five elements. Gather them and create your own cozy slice of outdoor life you can enjoy all spring and summer long.

A comfortable seat

Though metal and other weather-resistant furniture is prudent and practical for outdoor spaces, they don't always invite cozying up and lounging in. So include at least one spot you can really curl up into and get comfortable in (this will usually require some outdoor fabric-covered cushions or upholstery to achieve). If you don't have the room (or the private space) to add a permanent seating solution, considering investing in a outdoor-ready cushion you can take outside with you to sit on when you want to enjoy the fresh air.

A little privacy

Though watching the world go by is a great relaxing activity to do while sitting in your outdoor area, having the world watch you while you enjoy your outdoor area (particularly if you like relaxing in the morning while still in your robe) isn't always ideal. So create some privacy in a few different ways — from hanging outdoor shades to DIY curtains to using plants — find something that will work for your area.

A little life

Whether it's a few plants or a spot for your pet to chill out with you, you'll want to incorporate life into your outdoor area so you feel like sticking around awhile.

Something to fight back against bugs

Depending on where you live (and when you decide to enjoy your outdoor weather), bugs might bug you and keep you away from enjoying the little outdoor space you've carved out. So fight back by going on the offensive to try and repel bugs not just from you but also your area before they move in and get comfortable. (And try not to make the place too hospitable for them to begin with).

Something to fight back against the weather

Are you laughing at the idea of enjoying an outdoor area for all the hot summer months? Well don't let the heat get to you either. Fight back any way you can by adding shade against the sun, incorporating a fan and making sure there are plenty of cool drinks to enjoy while you're out there.

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