5 Warning Signs Your Home Isn't Working For You

5 Warning Signs Your Home Isn't Working For You

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 18, 2014
(Image credit: Rebecca Orlov)

With the Cure going on, you're probably hyper aware of how your home is working (or not working — and hopefully have a plan!). As the busy year rolls along, it can be easy to overlook when our homes aren't as efficient, enjoyable or usable as they could be. There are five warning signs to look out for now and all year long that will signal it's time to reevaluate.

Carving out time to decide if your home's layout, look and organization is functioning the way you need is vital. Living in a space is a flexible, ever-changing affair. In other words, even if you've cleaned, organized and created the perfect home when you first moved in, it doesn't mean it'll work ideally forever. Making sure your home is functioning efficiently is an on-going attempt; these warning signs will let you know when you need to take action or if you're on the right track.

1. Piles tend to, well, pile up. Piles don't have to mean you're a messy person. They can hint that your organization methods aren't quite working anymore. Could be time to look at how you deal with certain elements in your home (like mail or closet organization.) You might need a total overhaul of your systems, or just a fresh way to look at keeping clutter in check.

2 You can never find anything when you need it. Anything being your keys, your wallet, your bills, your holiday decor, your winter coat, anything. If it takes you tons of time to locate the things you need, imagine what you could be using that time for if you eliminated all that search time! Folks without landing strips, for instance, might feel this warning sign the strongest.

3. You never invite people over. There could be a lot of reasons why you never offer to host dinner parties or get-togethers. But if you've got the time and you have the reasons to celebrate and still don't, you might consider whether it's a problem with how your home functions or looks that's keeping you from filling it with friends.

4. You don't use any of your rooms the way you furnished them. Always do your work at your dining table instead of your home office? End up putting your makeup on in the kitchen? Hey, we all need a change of scenery sometimes, but you might be wasting or under-utilizing certain spaces if you're doing activities in other rooms.

5. You don't feel relaxed when you get home. Not everyday is going to be like walking into a meadow of wildflowers and sometimes there are stressful things going on in your life that even a happy home can't fix. But if you find yourself more stressed out, tense or annoyed by your home than you are stoked, it's time to see what might be causing tension.

What are the warning signs that you've noticed in your home recently or in the past that have let you know it's time to reorganize, rearrange or redecorate?

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