5 Ways We Bring Color to a Space

5 Ways We Bring Color to a Space

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 10, 2011

Many of us know, more or less, what colors we're drawn to the most, but have you ever spent time thinking about how you apply color to your space? There are different color applying personalities that show through in homes, and we found a few examples in recent Apartment Therapy house tours.

We've pinpointed five different ways in which color can be applied to the home. By no means a comprehensive list, we like the idea of exploring what kind of color personality we have. After all, if you know what patterns you lean toward when it comes to color, it's easier to both enhance your natural habits and break away from them to shake things up. Here are some thoughts:

1) It's in the accessories A common trend for most folks, bringing color in through accessories and items that are easily changeable means that your spaces are flexible — and it's not as scary as throwing a lot of paint on the walls. Color's usually seen in tabletop accessories, pillows, cushions and more.
2) Pops of color Similar to the accessories approach, this can even be more powerful because it pairs a subdued color palette with small but carefully-placed pops of color.
3) It's in the art This allows for the bulk of the color in your space to come through in the art — simple, elegant, powerful and bold.
4) All over the walls Requiring a bit of a leap of faith that you've chosen your colors wisely, placing them on walls, other large surfaces and furniture surrounds your whole home in color and shows you mean color business.
5) A combination of any of the above Color lovers often don't pigeonhole themselves into any one category, choosing instead to incorporate color any way they see fit, whether through accessories, art, wall colors or a little bit of everything!

What color applying style are you? Do you tend to bring in color into your home the same ways? Do you wish you tested your comfort levels by using color in different ways? Let us know!

Images — 1: Femi; 2: Jill Slater; 3: Ann Manubay, Dabney Frake; 4: Monica; 5: David

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