5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

5 Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

Abby Stone
Mar 12, 2012

Oh, Monday. That day. There have been plenty of songs written about this dreaded start to the week; there's even scientific evidence to prove that it's not just in your head. But there are different ways to approach the day that can start your week with a whole new flavor.

Tweak your morning routine with tech. Our Guide to Better Mornings via Technology can help your use your time more efficiently. Rounding up the best in apps and appliances, it's a cheat sheet to finding more time in your morning routine by using technology. From waking up to preparing breakfast to getting out the door dressed and caffeinated, we've got you covered.

Use your home. Putting together a morning routine and an evening routine can go a long way towards keeping you from being overwhelmed, and a landing strip is a big part of that. Don't think of it as just a place to put things when you come in, but also as a launch pad — a place to put things that you need to take with you the next day, from library books to dry cleaning slips to your keys.

Rethink it. After a lovely, lazy, languorous Sunday, Monday always seems to sneak up on me. Two hours into the day and I can find myself already behind on my deadlines, exhausted, snappy. Just barrel through the to-do list, I'll tell myself. Starting off this way colors the whole week. Rather than jumping straight into my to-do list, I've begun to start the week by shutting the metaphorical door to my office (turning off my email, putting my phone on silent) and spending an hour mapping out what I hope to accomplish for the week. More than just a to-do list, it's an action plan that lets me approach the week effectively and helps me prioritize emails, phone calls and other crises that arise by asking the simple question: will they forward my goals for the week? If the answer is no, they go on the back burner. When I make myself start the week this way, I find that Mondays are much calmer, and I get more accomplished during the week.

Take time to do something nice for yourself. Most of us cram the good things into the weekend with a little spillage into Friday. This leaves Monday barren and grey. Instead, stick something improbable into your day. Buy flowers for your desk, schedule a nice lunch out at a new place, sneak in a movie at lunch. By giving the day a new, fun spin, it'll become a day to look forward to as much as Friday (well, almost).

Start your Monday on Sunday. What do you have planned for Monday? By taking a look at your schedule the night before, you can put a lot less stress on the next day. Plan your outfit and get together the things you need for the next day, have a nice dinner and pack up the leftovers for lunch, take a bath, meditate, get into bed early and read. (A clean bedroom makes this a lot more inviting!) Then wake up refreshed and ready to start the week.

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