5 Ways To Clear It Out, Clean It Up & Recover Your Home From The Holidays

5 Ways To Clear It Out, Clean It Up & Recover Your Home From The Holidays

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 3, 2011

The carols have been sung, the presents have been unwrapped, the time off has been taken and now it's time to get back to the so called "real world." Even though you've put away any evidence of the last few months, there's still a few things you can do to truly reclaim your home!

1. Refrigerator and Freezer Check: Over the holidays we tend to bulk up on certain foods and once the guests are gone, it can be difficult to continue eating your way through 30lbs of potatoes or the end of that lasagna. Take a few minutes to assess what's left. Look for items that can be frozen or dehydrated for longer storage. They might have to be switched to a different type of container, cooked or handled before you can do so, but it will be well worth your time instead of letting things go bad! Don't forget to clear out the inedible leftovers from the fridge and give it a good cleaning. Start your year by being able to see what you really have or need!

2. Vacuum Like Your Life Depended On It: Every home can use a little extra vacuuming now and then, so make sure you hit up the crevices in the sofa, the blinds and curtains and even the inside of your air vents. Although we hope your homes are dust free, chances are you'll be just as disgusted as we are by what you find (because we find the same thing in our places too!).

3. Donate, Donate, Donate: The inevitable onslaught of presents from the holidays can leave some small spaces already on overflow. Although you might not be rolling in the gifts like you did when you were a child, even the addition on 4 or 5 small items can be enough to make some spaces feel a little cluttered. Now is a great time to stroll through your house and donate things you aren't madly in love with. You can always add more, but subtracting now before you have enough to fill a semi helps keep things in check!

4. Do One DIY Project: There's something cleansing about purging the holiday decor and getting your house back to its original bones and letting it breathe a little, but take that idea one step further and make it the best version of itself. Try tackling one small DIY project like switching out knobs on a cabinet or framing an art print you've been meaning to get to. It will help you not only feel like you're back on track with the seasons but make things a little more fulfilling as well (especially if you already miss your Christmas tree as much as we do!).

5. Light It Up! For those who had Christmas trees and holiday lights strung up, the removal of such items always makes our spaces feel a little more dull. Try changing out your lamp bulbs or adding a new candle to the space. Candles (even eco-friendly ones) are usually on sale this time of year, so keep your eye open for some good prices.

Do you have any New Year house warming, lightening or purging tips to add to the list above? What makes your house feel its best? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member Helga Weber licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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