5 Ways to Eliminate Fruit Flies

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The biggest problem with fruit flies is the rate that they breed and take over your kitchen or compost. It seems like they’ll never go away once you have them, and it can be incredibly frustrating and disgusting to walk into a room when dozens of flies scatter in every direction. Here are five tips and a roundup of previous posts on how to deal with fruit flies without using harmful pesticides.

The key to getting rid of fruit flies is to try to prevent breeding, a few ways to do this include:

  1. Use homemade traps, the easiest way is to put out a cup or bottle of a sweet liquid with a little bit of dish soap or alcohol added and with an inverted open-ended cone placed inside. The flies can’t resist the liquid and are trapped by the cone. The dish soap or alcohol will kill the flies and their eggs. There are more conprehensive instructions for traps in the links to previous posts below.
  2. Refrigerate fruit and vegetables that you might otherwise leave on the counter to ripen.
  3. Remove sources of sitting water or sweet liquids, unless you are using them as traps.
  4. Kill as many flies as you can, the more flies you can kill the less likely they are to procreate. Just smoosh ’em.
  5. Store scraps for the compost in the fridge, simply use a storage container and keep them refridgerated before adding to the bin.

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