5 Ways To Get Better Sound At Outdoor Parties

5 Ways To Get Better Sound At Outdoor Parties

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 16, 2010

Unless you've had the time or money to invest in an outdoor sound system, there's a good chance you're still sporting a portable boombox when the party goes down. If you're looking to make your yard sound more like an opera house, try these simple tips on for size!

1. Don't Be Afraid To Let It All Hang Out: One of the best parties were ever had the pleasure of attending was one that was outfitted with giant box speakers and a record player. Everything was brought outside (away from the adult beverages) and as the night progressed, records were flipped and the vintage record sound was enjoyed by all. There's a good chance that if you have respect for your equipment your friends will as well.

2. Get Your Speakers Off The Ground: Music that's being blasted at your ankles doesn't do much good — unless your ankles are really fond of Mumford and Sons. Place them on a side table (even if you have to steal them from your bedroom) to keep them slightly higher and receive better sound throughout your entire space.

3. Keep It Acoustic or Bass Low: What sounds great on your earphones doesn't always sound the best when you're playing it over a large space (unless you have a mixing board). Try picking tunes that have less bass or are straight up acoustic to get the best sound from the crappiest speakers.

4. Put Up A Tarp: Sound is heard best when it's in a contained area. That usually isn't the case with backyards or decks and although you might have a fence around your property, that doesn't do much for sound waves. Attach a painters tarp (you can cut horizontal slits in it to allow air to move through) to bamboo poles and set up the screen facing your speakers. Having something to bounce off of will help out musically challenged spaces.

5. Bring In A Band: Craigslist is your friend. If you're looking for a band to play a house party on the cheap (or for free), it's a great place to start. Having live entertainment is a fun twist and there's a good chance it won't cost you a thing — well maybe a few drinks.

Do you have a tip for better backyard sound? Share your tips in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member hrlndspnks licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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