5 Ways To Have More Stay In Your Cation

5 Ways To Have More Stay In Your Cation

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 11, 2011

I'll be the first to admit that worldly travels aren't always on the agenda. In fact, I'm doing good if I can find time to take a long weekend just to see family. Gas isn't cheap and hotels aren't either. If this sounds familiar, taking a staycation is always an option, but it's all too easy to let that turn into one big daytime tv watching fest — and you can only watch Don't Forget The Lyrics so many times before you want to punch Mark McGrath in the face.

In my busy life it's extremely difficult to pull away from the many hats that I wear and when I do have a fleeting moment, I don't always have the cash available to jet away for a few days. My brain is always allocating such money to home projects instead. That said, a little down time is needed to recharge anyone's batteries so here are a few more ways to put more Stay in your Cation and make the most of any amount of down time.

1. Unplug, Turn It Off, Leave It At Home: It used to be easier to leave your cell phone at home or keep your computer in hibernation. These days the internet goes with us on our phones and if you don't answer a call friends and family freak out if you return a call within the hour. Don't be afraid to send a quick email letting folks know you'll be away (even if it's for a few hours) so you won't have any guilt and leave your electronics at home. No phone, get out of the house, leave your iPod behind… just enjoy the world around you. The sights and sounds you'll hear are special in their own right.

2. Learn Something: While I might not have the scrap for airfare and hotel, that doesn't mean I don't have a few bucks to take a cheese making class, learn to use my sewing machine, or even hit up Grandma for some uninterrupted time and pick up her best pie making techniques. Expanding your brain in ways you won't pick up in your daily blog roll is important.

3. Burn Some Energy: To quote Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands. They just don't!" Although you probably didn't have murder on your to do list, that doesn't mean you should give yourself any reason to be grumpy about not sailing around the world in your time off. Get out for a hike, run the beach or river trail nearest you. Not only will it boost your mood but it will increase your appetite for life in general.

4. Make Out Like You Were 16: I don't care if you're single or married, there's not enough time for a decent make out session. It doesn't matter if it leads anywhere else, that's all up to you, but grab your partner or find yourself a date (a smoochable one!) and don't be afraid of a little PDA. We might not remember the nights spent working overtime for a big promotion, but we will remember a few hot moments under the stars on a park bench. Yeah, a home decor blog just told you to get frisky.

5. Deep Clean Something: Now to be fair, we don't want you to clean something that's obligatory. Sure you'll have to clean out your closet sometime and because of that it feels like a chore. Choose something that is so far on the back burner you're not even sure if it would ever be gotten to. Making those things happen will ignite a cleaning spark to take care of the more boring and mundane things that we tackle more often.

Do you have something that helps you relax during a staycation? We're firm believers that small pick me ups are a great way to strengthen your home in the end. Share your own thoughts in the comments below!

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