5 Ways To Improve Your Home Wireless Network

5 Ways To Improve Your Home Wireless Network

Joel Pirela
Feb 8, 2011

Since more and more devices are wireless these days, it's advisable to plan for the best wi-fi network as possible (or try to beef up the one you already have). We rely on a great wi-fi network at home, where the only cable snaking its way out of our iMac is the power one. That's it, the less cords and cables, the better! In order to take advantage of this great technology, try any of these steps to make, a great experience, a better one.

1• Choose the fastest wireless standard
If you plan to do a lot of online video gaming or stream huge video files, try to invest in the latest WiFi standard as 802.11n. Pick all the components of the network to be compatible "n". Not only your network will be more reliable but will also be faster. Also, make sure you are on the 5GHz channel to avoid further interference.

2• Pick the right antenna.
Make sure the antenna router and WAP are designed to direct signals inward toward the rooms of your house and they are not aiming to the outside or backyard.

3• Single and strong is better than two.
Installing more than one wireless access point (WAP) can do more harm than good, since you can have channels overlapping each other, creating roaming issues and other problems, like interference, for example. That will end on slower connection rates; and that's what you don't want.

4• Consistency.
If you can't afford to move to the newest, fastest standard (802.11n), try to keep all the elements of your network (router, computers, game consoles, media streaming boxes) under the same one. They will work better. Choose from 802.11b, 802.11g or if you can, 802.11n.

5• Stay away from the basement.
We know that basements are the best place to hide all that junk that we don't want to deal with; but in WiFi world, The attic is the king: fewer obstructions, AC ducts or heavy plumbing and not that many concrete structures. All the signal is free to flow down to where you actually need it.

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