5 Ways to Keep Love Letters & Sentimental Collections

5 Ways to Keep Love Letters & Sentimental Collections

Laure Joliet
Sep 17, 2010

Some of the collections I keep are sentimental in nature and normally live in a box somewhere under the bed or high on a shelf in the closet. Among them are old love letters, ticket stubs, postcards, mementos from times gone past. And although I've gone through and chucked quite a lot, there are those things that I want to keep.

Frame Them. Obviously a very old love letter from an ex should not be framed, but one from your current partner could be framed and put somewhere discreet where only you might see it. It's a nice way to bring the personal into your home and to help tell the story of your relationship.

Be Practical. Follow Beth's tips for practically sorting and organizing all tings sentimental so that you aren't accidentally hanging on to a bunch of birthday cards that really don't mean anything to you. Her system guarantees that you'll only hang on to what's truly important or meaningful for you.

Go Digital. I've got a box of slides I inherited when my gramma died and I've started the process of scanning them so that the whole family can have copies. Plus as I go through them, I pick only the best ones. Earlier in the year when my cousins were down we had a slideshow of some of them and decided together which ones were important to us. It was a lot more fun doing it with other family members than trudging through it alone.

Ask Martha. Martha Stewart always has great ideas for organizing and mementos are no exception. For travel mementos, she suggests bringing along a single hole punch and a key ring. As you go along your trip you can just punch a hole and add items to the key ring. This way there's nothing you have to edit once you're home, the 'scrapbook' is already complete.

Put It On Display. While going through old photos I decided to pull out a bunch and just start a collage on the wall above the desk. It gave new life to old photos that had meaning for me and since I wasn't bothering to frame them, I could swap them out at any time. Just make sure you have other copies of them as they will tend to fade if they're out in the sun!

How do you keep love letters and other sentimental collections?

Images: Erin MC Hammer via Creative Commons, Jessica of Under Construction via Apartment Therapy Flickr Group Pool, Beth Ziegler, Martha Stewart, Marie Claire Maison

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