5 Ways To Keep Things Clean During Craft Time

5 Ways To Keep Things Clean During Craft Time

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 11, 2010

DIY projects and arts and crafts time, although fun, can lead to quite a mess. Now, we're not afraid of a little mess, but a few preventative measures to make things a little easier come clean up time are always a good idea. Here's a few of our favorites!

Drop Cloth: They're made to take a little mess and keep things clean. It doesn't matter if your little ones are paint flingers or something spills making a river of red paint &mdash they work like a champ and can be hosed down (outside or in the shower) when you're all done!

Wax Paper: Wax paper is one of those things that certain craft projects call for. But once you buy the roll, there aren't too many other uses for it. We tear off large sheets to make small pieces easy to spot and it especially comes in handy when working with glue!

Shaving Cream: Although it sounds a little kooky, shaving cream can actually clean sealed surfaces. The bonus is, kids have just as much fun cleaning up spilled paint and glue chunks on your table as they did making the craft in the first place. It's grand foamy fun for sure!

Be Prepared: It never hurts to start out with a damp towel, ready to wipe away sticky fingers before they find the closest thing to wipe them on. Having one with a little hand soap in it doesn't hurt either! It's better to be ready, than telling them to stand still or don't touch anything while you sprint to the sink to take care of things!

Anti-Static Office Mats: If you have a permanent place in your home that's always designated for craft time, try putting an anti-static office mat down to help keep things clean. Normally used to help chairs wheel around, they're perfect for protecting your floors! Even if you don't like the look when kept out permanently, try storing them under the bed and pulling them out just when needed.

Take It Outside: It will always require more work to drag supplies and art gear outside to work, but it can be a fun change of pace. Most spills or stains can be hosed down (assuming you're not in negative temperatures) before coming back in, or wash away with the next rain!

Do you have a quick tip to keeping your craft area clean? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member Redjar licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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