5 Ways To Keep Your Office From Turning Into A Sarlacc Pit

5 Ways To Keep Your Office From Turning Into A Sarlacc Pit

Sarah Rae Smith
May 10, 2010

The home office is an easy place to stash things when in a hurry or act as a catch all for things to be dealt with at a later time. The only problem is, a few things can quickly become a lot of things and before you know it, George Lucas is calling and not just because you made a crappy graphic, but because your desk — just became a Sarlacc Pit!

In our own home, we stand by the 5 minute rule. If we can't clear the clutter in 5 minutes, then it's time to reevaluate our routines. By following the tips below, we can for the most part, keep things in a 5 minute-ready state. See if you have anything to add to the list!

1. Keep A Catch-All Basket: Although in an ideal world our homes are always clean, that rarely happens. It's ok to have a stash space for junk that doesn't belong in the office, just designate one. Try keeping a basket by the door for things that go to other rooms.

2. Clear Away Trash Daily: Having a trash can in your office is a great thing, but one evening of full out WoW mania and you can find yourself knee deep in Cheeto bags and bottles of Bawls. Try keeping spare trash bags in a lower desk drawer to clear it away instead of cramming it into a pint size bin.

3. Keep Clothes Out: Although it can be easy to come home and kick up your feet while checking Facebook and reading email, try your best to leave your jackets at the door, hats in the entryway and even your clothes in your closet or laundry basket. We love to be comfy too, but try putting on PJ's and keeping your day clothes where they belong — off your office floor!

4. Proper Storage: We're true tinkerers at heart and that usually means hanging onto little bits that others might discard. Try implementing good storage boxes or bins to contain little bits. Having a place for them means they have a home to return to, even when you're not in full out tinker-tastic mode.

5. Proper Paper Storage: Even if you bank online many still receive paper bills and invoices to their home. Have a proper place to store items to be paid, items to be filed and things to be shredded. No one said you had to take care of things the second they came into the office, but having a place to put them instead of creating a giant pile on your desk, mixed with paper clips and Netflix envelopes is ideal.

Do you have an organization tip that has truly helped out your home office? Let us know below!

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