Rev Up Your Monday Morning Motor

Rev Up Your Monday Morning Motor

Abby Stone
Apr 30, 2012

Ah, Monday morning. Here you are again. Do I greet you with a jolt or snuggle back into my bed? My bed is warm and cozy. No wonder I'm often guilty of snuggling back into it after silencing the alarm. Suddenly, three snooze buttons' worth later, I'm late, dragging through my day. Here are some ways to find some morning energy.

Wake up slowly: Though I've long guilted myself that I should be greeting the day with a hearty round of jumping jacks (thanks to my mornng-person Gramma), stretching, combined with a bit of meditation, may be a better way to ease myself into the day.

Sniff citrus: The association of mornings with orange juice may not be accidental. The perky scent revs your engines.

Start up the ITunes: Swap out gentle classical for dance beats to start your morning with a burst of energy.

Exercise: Whatever your movement of choice, a little body workout gets your blood pumping.

For more tips on getting your morning racing, check out Green Earth News' Natural Ways to Energize Your Morning.

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(Image: Lindsay Tella from Chelsea's Cozy and Eclectic Garden Apartment)

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