6 Ways To Make A Staycation Feel More Like A Vacation

6 Ways To Make A Staycation Feel More Like A Vacation

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 23, 2009

If heading out for a weekend away isn't in the cards any time soon, staying at home can be a great alternative. But sometimes, it doesn't feel much like a vacation. There's still the daily list of chores to be done, meals to be made and errands to run. So when does the vacation part come in? After the jump there's 6 fabulous tips to make your staycation a real vacation instead of just another weekend spent at home!

Just like any vacation, a staycation can require a little bit of prep time to make it truly enjoyable. Here's a few things that can help out before you kick your feet up and relax!

1. Clean Your Main Living Areas: During the week before your planned staycation, even if it's just a weekend, plan time to make your bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen are spic and span. One of the best parts about going on vacation is someone taking care of these things for you. So starting super clean should help you worry less about running laundry and more about hanging without any guilt of housework you could be doing instead. Make sure to change your sheets and have fresh towels on hand, the little things will make all the difference here!

2. Read A Book: Many of us are passionate readers. You'd have to be to read all the wonderful words here on Apartment Therapy, but often times sitting down to read a whole book can feel consuming. That's a fabulous thing as it's wonderful to be sucked into great writing and feel like you've been transported right into the pages from the author. But many times it can feel as though we don't have time to dedicate to our beloved past time due to other obligations. Head to the library and find a few you've been meaning to read!

3. Plan Meals: Even if you don't feel like preparing full out meals, make sure to take a little time to plan something special. It could be some great cheese and wine, or a light salad or perfectly grilled steak. Whatever your passion is, take time to splurge just a little and treat yourself to it! By preparing in advance you'll save yourself the headache of running to the stores, being caught in traffic or crowds and feeling frustrated as you wait in line behind the lady who has 500 coupons, 20 items and is paying by check... all in the express lane.

4. Plan A Daily Adventure: Often times during our vacations we plan activities around several points of interest. Try planning a few for your time off, making the retreat to your clean, comfortable home where food is ready and waiting for you, all that more awesome! Maybe it's a trip to a near by park, or a local museum, it can even be as small as a walk through a neighborhood you haven't been through in awhile to check out the architecture! Staying in can feel suffocating, so make sure to breath a little fresh air, even if it's just for an hour or so!

5. Go Media Free For 48 Hours: Life has changed so radically in the last 10 years. Cell phones are more than a toy that's just for emergencies, there's hundreds of tv channels and don't even get us started on the internet. Many of the things that bog us down from day to day, or tire us out stem from our eagerness to be connected to the outside world. Try unplugging for 48 hours and do little things around the home you've been meaning to get to. A craft project? Guitar lessons? Underwater basket weaving? The world is your oyster.

6. Have Fun!: Do things you would normally do while on vacation. Take cheesy photos from your adventures, mail a post card or write a letter, pick up a souvenir and pick up a drink fruity drink (even if you made it at home) and sun yourself until you feel crispy. Making home feel like time away is easier done when you're joyful and still getting in a few of the things you would normally do on vacation.

Do you have a Staycation tip to add to our list? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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