5 Ways to Make Any Room More Photogenic

5 Ways to Make Any Room More Photogenic

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 16, 2015

You've perfected the "smile with your eyes" selfie, but somehow the shots you take of your space always look a little off. Don't sell them short! Try these tricks to make sure the photos you take of your space are just as yummy and get ready for the likes to start rolling in.

Clear clutter

First things first, your room needs to look good or there's no chance your photo will! You may be so used to looking at the things in your room that you don't realize what it looks like to others. Try this trick: clear off every surface that is visible in your photo, then put things back strategically. When in doubt, err on the sparse side. A lived-in home looks good, but a photograph can really highlight extra stuff so put thought into your set-up before you even reach for the camera.

Assess your angles

You want the viewer to notice the room, not the awkward angle at which you shot the picture. This is not the time to get artistic. The most successful photos are usually shot at eye level and straight on or at a slight off-set angle. Try to show off symmetry when you can — it's always pleasing to the eye. Remember, if you need to move furniture or decor in order to get your body and camera where you need to be, that's okay. The extra work will be worth it in the end.

Find a subject

In rooms without people or pets, it can be challenging to know what to look at first. That's where your point of view as the photographer comes into play. YOU get to decide what is most important in this photo. You do that by framing the photo to include (and exclude) strategic items and by deciding what to place in the foreground or background of your shot. A good photo should have one or two main things that stand out so adjust until it feels focussed enough not to overwhelm.

Don't shy away from styling

Styling a space isn't cheating, it's simply making it look the best it can. Grouping objects, adding in color or accents and bringing in things from other rooms (no one has to know it doesn't always look like that!) are always great strategies. Can you include some special little detail in your shot? It's always nice to get a flavor of the room's personality —it will make the photo miles more interesting.

Do some post-photo tweaks

A little brightening here and cropping there can go a really long way towards making any photo look professional. Even basic photo software has simple settings for minor tweaks so you should absolutely take advantage of that movie magic. Don't address all these other, more time consuming steps and then fail to spend another few minutes really perfecting your pic. If you've been intimidated to try photo editing, consider this your challenge. Play around; it's not hard. We promise.

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