5 Ways To Make Any Vacation A Little More Green

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even though “stay-cations” are all the rage, sometimes it’s nice to see the sights in the vast world around you. If your travel plans take you outside your home town, check out these 5 ways to be a little more green in your actions to lessen your impact on the environment around you.

1. Carpool: Pack less, take more friends. Although a vehicle has to work harder to haul more weight, its impact on the environment isn’t as great as multiple cars heading to the same destination. Try packing in the people and vacationing with friends if taking a car is a necessity. Double bonus: you get to split gas money!

2. Public Transit: If you live in a town that already has successful mass transit, this isn’t anything new, but for the millions that don’t have such a luxury, the act of taking public transport can be a little scary. Check before you head out if the city you’ll be visiting has any package deals to save you a little cash. If you’re daring try renting bikes in the town you visit and taking a small tour.

3. Rent Green: We’ll be the first to admit that we live in a city that requires us to have a vehicle. It isn’t as eco-friendly as it could be, but when we travel long distances, renting a car that consumes less fuel and has lower emissions is high on our list.

4. Shop Farmer’s Markets: Before heading out, check the dates and times of local farmer’s markets. Even though you might be on vacation, it can be worth the extra effort to wake up early and acquire locally grown food or even trinkets to take home to family members.

5. Don’t Be A Consumer: Although we often think of our destinations as a place to acquire “stuff and things,” try setting a limit on your purchases if any are actually required. It’s fun to bring home tangible memories of the places we’ve visited, but it’s easy to go overboard. Most items come with packaging and will end up being (or making something else) clutter in our home. Remember, if you love it, buy it; if it’s just ok, then you can probably live without it. Try spending money on fabulous restaurants or entertainment instead.

How does your family implement green practices while on vacation? Share your thoughts below!

(Image: Flickr member milele licensed for use by Creative Commons)