5 Ways To Make Better DIY Curtains

5 Ways To Make Better DIY Curtains

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 22, 2012

I've moved a million-bajillion times in the last decade (seriously, you can even google it) and because of this, I've had a hard time investing in curtains. My windows have changed drastically in the sizes needed with each home or apartment but rather than spend a fortune, here's how I've spruced up linens and dropcloths over the years!

1. Dye Them: Who says you have to buy the color you need? Inexpensive sheets sometimes come in weird colors, so dye your own. Bust out the RIT and get to work. You can even ombre dye them in a bucket for those looking for a modern twist.

2. Stamp 'Em Up!: You can use anything from a potato to a toilet paper tube (empty of course) to make a stamp. I've used everything from plastic party cups to sponges over the years to give curtains a simple graphic look for pennies.

3. Mix & Match: Try making your curtains two tone by buying two different colors of linens, cutting them in half and sewing them back together again. You can alter the width of each band of color to suit your tastes and make a totally custom look.

4. Use Industrial Rods: When using dropcloths for curtains, regular curtain rods just look lame. They feel small and inexpensive. If you're using industrial materials, use industrial hardware to complete the look. Hit up the pipe aisle and have a few pieces cut to fit!

5. Don't Sew If You Don't Want To: If you're not into sewing, don't. Sheets are thin and dropcloths are bulky. Either can go wrong easily at the hands of a novice sewer. Instead, turn to cafe clips to hang your curtains for a pro look without any hassle. Iron on tape can help with bottom hems as well!

Overall the most important thing to remember is that you have created something new, so think of them that way. When you just think of them as a placeholder you'll never be satisfied with your work. Be proud and make them exactly what you want them to be!

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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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