5 Ways to Make The Bedroom Sexier

5 Ways to Make The Bedroom Sexier

Laure Joliet
Feb 11, 2011

Look, I can't ignore that monday is Valentine's Day and, while I am unattached, I will take this as an opportunity to help others. Yes, it is with total selflessness that I offer these tips for making the bedroom inviting and, dare I say it, sexy. So in the same spirit as 5 Essentials a Guy Should Have When He's Trying to Impress a Woman I offer the following tips:

I've just seen too many of my friends really kill the mood by overlooking a couple of really simple tricks for making a space feel like you want to be in it. So please, if you're planning on bringing someone home, make it nice. Some of these might seem obvious, but seriously I see a lot of peoples places and I'm beginning to think that some of this stuff is not obvious. And since everyone is different I have left these tips vague to cover the basics, so feel free to chime in with specifics.

1. Nice sheets and a made bed. Nice sheets equals something that feels good when you slide into them, higher than a 250 thread count, has no visible holes or stains, sateen only if you're into that stuff and smells either fresh or like nothing at all. If you need to invest in new sheets on a budget even Target has good options, just saying.
2. Privacy. If you have roommates: a lock on the door, a ticket to the movies, or music playing. Make your date feel as un-self conscious as is possible. This also means curtains on windows.
3. No overhead lighting, please. bedside lamps on dimmers, even christmas lights, anything is better than an overhead light. Set the mood. Don't worry about lighting candles, that can be way overkill, but soft light that can be dimmed - however you make it happen is perfect.
4. Clear the clutter. You don't have to spend all day, but take 10 minutes to clear out some piles, dust and mop or vacuum. Not having stuff stick to the bottom of your feet and not having dust bunnies fly all around when you set down a bag are the basics.
5. Take CNN's Advice. But seriously. There is probably one element about getting some in your bedroom that you can enhance: rug on the floor? Something in the nightstand drawer? On that note, keep what you need close at hand so that you don't go fumbling around at the worst possible moment.

How do you bring sexy into the bedroom?

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