5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Like A Hotel

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Yesterday we talked about making a hotel room feel a bit more like home, but sometimes the joy of traveling is staying in a place that’s clean, pristine and a little less cluttered. Try out one of these ideas to make your home feel a little more like a vacation and a little less like a headache.

1. Wash Your Sheets More Often: Although many hotels are doing their best to conserve water and aren’t washing your sheets as often as they used to, we’re going to guess that it could still be more often than many of the lax homeowners out there (ourselves included!). Stick to a schedule and enjoy that fresh sheet feeling just a little more frequently!

2. Less Media: When you’re on the road, it’s easy to absorb yourself in the world around you and we don’t feel as focused on our home media as often. Save the iPod for the gym, turn the TV off and pretend you only have a few channels that are difficult to surf through (even with a channel guide) and opt instead for a book near a sunny window or just go for a walk around the neighborhood instead. More still and chill versus loud and crazy!

3. Would You Pay For It?: It’s easy to collect things we like, but don’t always love. It usually happens when there’s a sale sign around or someone gifts you something that although pretty, isn’t quite your taste. Examine your room from the viewpoint of a paying customer. If you wouldn’t pay to spend a night in a room in your house, make changes! Declutter, add lighting, dim lighting down or thrown open the curtains!

4. Stock Something Special: There aren’t many who don’t find travel size products adorable on some level and even if they’re not your chosen brand, there’s still something about pint size packaging that makes people go weak at the knees. Try picking up a few small candies or special beverages that might add a little zip to your step and make today (or tomorrow) feel extra awesome.

5. Clean Before The Weekend: The time spent in a hotel, although not long is always refreshing because it’s uncluttered and clean. The hours that we spend in that space leave us rested and focused on more than what needs to be done off the chore chart. Even if you do daily chores to keep your family on track, try doing an extra push on Friday, or even Thursday night to get your weekend off on the right foot. Having the cleanest house possible during the time we occupy it the most will let you do the things you want to instead of need to (like laundry… ew).

Do you have another suggestion to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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