5 Ways To Make Your Office Smell Fresh & Not Funky

updated May 8, 2019
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Home offices are seeing an increasing amount of use. It doesn’t matter if you work from home, play more WoW than you should or even spend your evenings camped out doing homework almost one thing is for sure — it could stand to smell a little better. Here’s a few tips to keeping your space fresh with minimal upkeep.

Depending on how you use your office, there could be different layers of funk that need to be tackled, so assess your mess and see which tips work best for you below.

1. Tidy Up!: Although it should go without saying, one of the easiest ways to make your space smell a little better is to tidy up. Make sure all your dishes make it to the sink, empty your trash, vacuum or sweep and give appropriate surfaces a good wipe down. It’s the biggest impact you can make!

2. Open A Window: Although many home offices don’t have one, those who do should try and crack them open once in awhile. Even though there is concern about extra dust coming into a space with sensitive electronics, getting a little fresh air in will do wonders for banishing stale air and smells.

3. Bust Out The Baking Soda: By now there aren’t many who are unfamiliar with the de-stinking powers of baking soda. When you’re finished with your office for the evening, try sprinkling your chair, carpet or rugs with the magical, inexpensive powder. It’s ok to go thick with it (and you can even try making scented baking soda), just vacuum it up when you wake up and all that butt funk will be banished!

4. Hide A Bowl: of vinegar that is! Try placing a small bowl of vinegar out of the way to soak up strong odors like smoke, pets or last night’s super-late Taco Bell run.

5. Juice Your Light Bulbs: Try adding a few drops of lemon or lime juice to the top of your light bulb. You can also spray colognes or perfumes on them, just remember a little goes along way. Vanilla dabbed on with a cotton ball is also nice. Just make sure that you only apply things to the bulb when it has been turned off and is 100% cool to the touch!

Do you have a secret to keeping your home office smelling like a summer meadow instead of day old drive-thru and an all nighter? Share your thoughts below!

(Image: Houzz.com)