5 Ways to Naturally Humidify Your Home

5 Ways to Naturally Humidify Your Home

Kate Legere
Jan 3, 2012

Temperatures are dropping here on the East Coast, and I'm finding my new apartment to be dry. I live with old radiators and steam pipes, which does not make for a happy camper when I wake up in the morning congested with dry skin. I purchased my first humidifier, and I found some helpful tips over at Mother Nature Network on how to add moisture to your air naturally.

1. Use a drying rack to dry clothes. Besides saving energy and money, as your clothes dry, you'll introduce moisture into your home. Helps if you place it in a centrally located area.
2. Invest in some houseplants. Not only do they help purify your air, they release moisture into the air though a process called transpiration.
3. Place a dish or pan of water near a heat source. The water will heat up and evaporate into the air.
4. Experiment with your bathroom door when you shower. Leaving it open might add nice moisture into other parts of your home, or keep it closed and enjoy the steam post shower to relieve dry skin.
5. Put on a sweater and start cooking! We recently wrote about the experience of living through a winter without heat, and even just turning it down helps. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed to keep cold air out and warm air in. Cook on your stovetop when you can, that helps add moisture into the air as well.

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