5 Ways To Pimp Your Potty While Staying On Budget

5 Ways To Pimp Your Potty While Staying On Budget

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 2, 2010

High end bathroom accessories can cost thousands of dollars, but most folk we know aren't into spending that kind of cash in this particular area. Though, just because you're not looking to spend a lot, doesn't mean there aren't upgrades you can make and still stay within a budget. After the jump we've got 5 ways to pimp your potty (room) without breaking the bank.

Although there's far more ways to keep a bathroom budget friendly, here's a few of our favorite ways to make things a little snazzier without feeling like you've been socked in the gut by the depletion of your personal bank account.

Buy Something Personal: The bathroom is often a place we want to splurge a little on ourselves. It's the place we want to relax in a hot bath at the end of a long day, or have a little "me" time getting all dolled up to go out on the town. So spending money on something personal instead of utilitarian in nature can go a long way to making a space feel comfortable and soothing. Even something as small as an electric toothbrush or shaver can make all the difference!

Change Your Showerhead: There's very few things that actually happen in the bathroom (we're pretty sure you can list them on your own), but one of the biggies is bathing. Switching out your shower head can be a great way to add a little something special without breaking the bank. This one comes in right at $40 and helps you keep track of water consumption as well!

Try A Bidet: There's nothing better than living in the lap of luxury than sitting on the lap of luxury. A bidet can be a great improvement to your bathroom and lifestyle and most will tell you they aren't sure how they lived without it. You'll go through less TP and shouldn't notice a large increase when it comes to water or electricity. Though not something you can exactly try out at the store, they're worth the investment, even if you've never used one!

Add Some Music: If you aren't comfortable with the thought of dragging your MP3 player and a set of speakers in, why not try out this simple cabinet upgrade that will keep "real" tunes pumping while you get down to business.

Switch Your Faucet: Faucets are tricky things. Even when you're upgrading to a new one, they aren't exactly cheap. Most push the $100 mark, so why not save and spend a few pennies more for something that will not only save water, but cleaning time as well. Automated faucets can be found in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for children who can't quite reach or elderly who have a hard time turning knobs.... or people like us, who are usually elbow deep in a craft project covered in paint and would really like to watch their hands before having to pee. What? We're all about honesty!

What would you spend your money on? Simple things make all the difference and even if you aren't putting a TV in your mirror, small improvements will always improve your home and quality of life!

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