5 Aesthetic Ways to Reduce Monitor Glare

5 Aesthetic Ways to Reduce Monitor Glare

Anthony Nguyen
Mar 5, 2010

Whether it's watching an episode of Archer on the big screen or checking e-mail on our laptop, there's nothing annoying than window glare (see the balcony office for an extreme example). So we've gone ahead and rounded up some extra-tactical means for you to address potential glare issues, all without once suggesting an ugly-looking monitor filter attachment...

You don't need to be a genius to realize that monitor glare produces eyestrain, which can lead to a whole other array of ailments such as headaches, nausea, blurred vision and hampered depth perception. Here are our best 5 ways of reducing monitor glare, especially if you don't believe in ugly monitor filters:

  1. Shutters: Instantly let in copious amounts of light for normal activities and quickly shut it out in a matter of seconds. You can also attach it to your home automation system if you're feelin' extra lazy.
  2. Curtains: Not only will it contribute to the luxurious look of the room, it's also an instant way to block out layers of light without distracting from the decor.
  3. Have excellent lighting: A mix of overhead light and a floor/desk lamp will create a proper amount of lighting in a room. Just make sure the floor/desk lamp is brighter than the overhead lighting - otherwise you'll just be contributing the glare.
  4. Invest in non-glossy: If it's a glossy laptop monitor that irks you, try investing in a monitor with a matte finish instead. Most flat screen monitors today are over 70Hz, so you shouldn't be too worried about refresh rates causing yet another type of eye strain.
  5. Invest in window film: We've always been a fan of window film anyway - it lets in light when you need it and keeps in the privacy. One would only expect it to present another caveat; window glare reduction! Plus, it's easy to remove.

Hopefully these gave you some ideas to help get that glare under control. Got a tip to share? Let us know in the comments!

[Image: Desire to Inspire]

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