6 Ways To Reuse a Carafe Around the Home

6 Ways To Reuse a Carafe Around the Home

Sarah Rae Smith
Oct 12, 2010

Say you received a brunch set for your wedding. It's a neat thing to have little juice cups, small plates and a carafe to hold a tasty beverage, but how often do you really use the set? Hardly ever? We know the feeling. Even if you don't own a set like ours and you just happened to borrow a carafe from your local diner at 3am, here are 5 ways to dust it off and put it to good use!

1. Mouthwash Container: If your carafe happens to have a lid, it can be a fun way to dress up the traditional bathroom counter product. If you don't have a lid, finding a small glass jar that sits right inside the mouth of the carafe works well, too.

2. Vase: For the last several years, our carafe has actually doubled as a vase in our tabletop water garden. Although you can't see it in this photo, we assure you there's one on this pedestal holding free cuttings! If you're not into cuttings, just use it for regular flower. The tapering of the neck helps hold tender stems upright longer.

3. Display: Sometimes while you're out and about small treasures or trinkets find their way home with you. Rocks, feathers, even sticks or leaves. Use a carafe as a fun way to display them. Its narrow shape helps hold things up so they can be seen and takes up very little space.

4. Candle Holders: You can simply place tapered candles in a carafe and light. You can add sand to the bottom to help catch the drips if you're worried or just let the wax continue to pile up use after use. To remove, just place the carafe in boiling water and pour the wax right out. You can also fill the carafe with water and float candles at the top.

5. In The Kitchen: In our kitchen we've used extra carafes to hold straws or long handled utensils. They work great to keep things upright and make them always ready. Try making them a holder for chopsticks, bamboo skewers for the grill or even small cookie cutters that fit through the neck.

6. Candy Dish: Instead of having a bowl or jar of candy sitting out, try a carafe instead. Using one means no one has to dig their grubby paws in; you can simply pour the candy right out! Easy peasy and cootie free!

Do you have another use to add to the list?

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(Image: Eva Solo Carafe)

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