5 Ways To Reuse A Wedding Dress Around The Home

5 Ways To Reuse A Wedding Dress Around The Home

Sarah Rae Smith
May 17, 2010

In just a few weeks, Kevin from Tucson, Arizona has been sweeping the internet with his humorous blog, My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress. Recently his wife of 12 years loaded everything but her wedding dress into the car. As she was pulling out of the driveway she said she no longer had need for it and that he could do with it as he wished — and that's exactly what he's doing.

Kevin has made great effort to start cataloging the humorous ways in which one could possibly reuse a wedding dress around the home. Obviously, none of them are very conventional, but that's what makes it fun. Finding uses for the dress and the process of writing a blog are an unusual, yet practical way to cope with his loss as his humor is frequently mixed with thoughts of being a newly single father.

It's therapeutic and cathartic in it's own right and we're glad that it's being done with humor and a side of creativity. When life gives you lemons (or a wedding dress) you floss your teeth with it let the good times roll.

Below are a few of our favorite uses for the Ex's wedding dress, make sure you check out all the others that have been posted thus far over at My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress.

1. Scarecrow: Even small gardens need a festive scarecrow. Although this one might scare the neighbors as well, we're pretty sure it will do the trick!

2. Oil Pan: Forget the hassle of trying to catch your oil in a drip pan or old laundry detergent bottle, a wedding dress is where it's at!

3. Dish Rag: Almost everything ends up as a dishrag in our home at some point or another, though we're not sure the wedding dress was at the top of the list.

4.Dog Toy: When you walk into your local big box retailer, dog toys are a hot item these days. With prices that are sky high, why would you fork over hard earned cash when you could use a wedding dress instead?

5. Pasta Strainer: Of all the things that ran through our mind when we first heard about this idea of how to repurpose a wedding dress, this wasn't on the list. Bonus creative points for this one!

Do you have any suggestions on how to creatively reuse a wedding dress? Give us your top 3 ideas in the comments below!

(via: My Ex's Wedding Dress)
(Image: My Ex's Wedding Dress)

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